Bubble Explode featured

Bubble Explode

Bubble Explode has been Top 1 free app in UK, Canada, Netherlands, Russia and has been in Top 5 free apps in USA, Australia, Germany, France, Italy, Spain and many other countries! Take your Bubble Exploding / Popping / Breaking experience to the next level with nice animations, bonuses, global online

Rail Maze 2 featured

Rail Maze 2

Rail Maze 2 adds even more fun and challenge to Rail Maze world. Additional Levels, new graphic environments and much more in version 2.0 of Rail Maze. Rail Maze 2 is the latest game by Spooky House Studios - creators of big hits: Rail Maze and Bubble Explode. With online



Tringles is simple and very addictive puzzle game. Just rotate and drop blocks on the game field to form and destroy full lines of triangles. There are 3 types of lines : one horizontal and two diagonal Destroy multiple lines at a time for additional bonuses. Compete with your friends via global

Spooky House : Pumpkin Crush featured

Spooky House : Pumpkin Crush

Explode and Smash pumpkins in this Halloween inspired game by Spooky House Studios. Spooky Pumpkin Crush is pure and addicting fun! The game takes in place in a spooky manor, where all the spooky house games are crafted. Features: - Chain reaction pumpkin Explosions! - Funny and slick animations - Spooky sounds - Night mode - 9

Ice Driver featured

Ice Driver

The unique Ice Lake racing experience from Spooky House Studios - creators of hits Rail Maze and Bubble Explode. Let's race! Online and local game modes: Ice Driver features: - Ice racing - Nitro Jet booster - Ghost rival replays - Ice Drifts - Driving stunts - Ice cube walls smashing - Half pipes - Ice balls - Deep Snow - Trampolines - Night

Jewel Gems featured

Jewel Gems

Take your Jewels experience to the next level with Jewel Gems. Crush, Smash, Break and Explode Jewels in this fun and unique game. Spooky House Studios presents Jewel Gems. Features: - Chain reaction jewel explosions - Slick animations - 9 game modes: Classic, Chill Out, Bubble Invasion, Bubble Shootix, Critical Mass, Turn By Turn,

Rail Maze : Train Puzzler featured

Rail Maze : Train Puzzler

Rail Maze is the latest game by Spooky House Studios - creators of big hits: Bubble Explode and Pumpkin Explode. Solve 100+ of challenging and unique puzzles, build railroads, bomb through obstacles, escape PIRATES on rails. Have a lot of fun with this new and unique puzzle game. Features: *

Face Archer featured

Face Archer

Welcome to Face Archer! A game where you can pick any face from your camera roll as a target and shoot it! Your boss, your enemy, or even your friend will make great targets for Face Archer. There are bundled zombie and other fun targets targets to pick from. Face Archer takes

Nail Them All : Hammer featured

Nail Them All : Hammer

Hammer nails carefully and gently. The task is to hammer as many nails in a row as possible. Put your accuracy to test. Can you get nail 10 nails in a row ? Features: - Easy to start - Challenging - Addictive - Relaxed gameplay - Smooth graphics Nail them all! Game by Spooky House Studios

Sweet Candy Packer featured

Sweet Candy Packer

Sweet Candy factory needs your help as it crafts sweet candy too fast. You are responsible for packing delicious products into colored boxes. Be careful, remove crushed candy, and don't get burned, some candy is on fire. Features: - Delicious graphics - 3 game modes - Swipe or drag controls - Easy to learn - Candy on

Jewel Archer featured

Jewel Archer

Welcome to Jewel Archer, where Match 3 meets Archery! Jewel Archer is a fresh take on the genre: instead of picking jewels with your finger, shoot them with a bow. Game takes place in 3 different medieval locations: Open Field, Castle and Forest. There are 5 game modes to choose from. Adjust