Wild Wild Gun featured

Wild Wild Gun

Welcome to Wild Wild Gun Saloon. We have tea, cupcakes and a lot of BULLETS! Shoot bandits and protect beautiful ladies. How fast is your gun? Prove you are the best in town!

BiDot featured


Separate dots of different colors moving the sliding door in the center of the screen. It is not as easy as it sounds, because colored dots are in constant motion. BiDot is easy to learn, hard to master and always fun to play. Play BiDot by Spooky House Studios now!

Nail Them All : Hammer featured

Nail Them All : Hammer

Hammer nails carefully and gently. The task is to hammer as many nails in a row as possible. Put your accuracy to test. Can you get nail 10 nails in a row ? Features: - Easy to start - Challenging - Addictive - Relaxed gameplay - Smooth graphics Nail them all! Game by Spooky House Studios

Face Archer featured

Face Archer

Welcome to Face Archer! A game where you can pick any face from your camera roll as a target and shoot it! Your boss, your enemy, or even your friend will make great targets for Face Archer. There are bundled zombie and other fun targets targets to pick from. Face Archer takes